Project 10 - shadows theme

I started the themebook by collecting lots of images of various shadows, along with researching shadow artists and creating effects of shadows using a variety of media.

I was drawn to leaves, and how shadows created different effects and levels of darkness when they overlaped.


I then started looking at patterns and how shadows created a different images than the items casting the shadow.


I then started to think about how as a little kid, you'd see scary things in shadows at tnight. I tried to recreate a "scary" shadow using some of Ostara's toys... after hours sitting with boxes of toys and a spotlight, this was all I could find. The next day I showed my little girl the shadow, and asked if it looked scary, in which she replied "no, it's just naked ken" ... so I gave up on that trail of thought!


I then looked at various shadow artists, and the amazing way they created hidden messages with objects.

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