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I've spent the morning looking for information on assessment. And my confusion is summed up perfectly by an OCA video by Jose Navarro "the OCA has precise submittion requirements, telling you what to submit, but we don't tell you how to submit it. The reason behind this is because we are an arts college and we want you to have certain initiative and show creativity ... but at the same time this kind of open-ended presentation brief causes certain problems for us as assessors. We judge on content and not form, but some of the assessment criteria are based on communication and judgement of how you present your work".

I feel the problems are in a classroom setting, you would be able to easily discuss ideas and get clarification from your tutor and other students, and I guess you would be able to see examples of over assessment submissions.

So I'm really none the wiser , or perhaps more confused :-) ... but here are some videos I've found on the OCA


[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="10279381"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="23491672"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="31393164"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="24138020"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="24142073"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="25136607"]

Learning Logs: what assessors are looking for - another useful link

[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="25132962"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="41980251"]
[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="42140594"]

This video on how to photograph artwork was useful too

[vimeo width="300" height="180" video_id="12290230"]

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