Roanna Wells

I have just come across the gorgeous work of Roanna Wells. She interestingly calls herself  "fine artist" - but appears to make everything from textiles.

Obama Inauguration, Washington 2009 (detail)

"Interpersonal Spatial Arrangements is an ongoing series of works looking at social situations that bring people together for a common cause. By abstracting the individuals, focus is given to the spontaneous emerging patterns and self organisation of the crowds. President Obama’s Inauguration, Washington 2009. Hand stitch on wool."

She has some beautiful sketchbook images here on tumblr.

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  1. Hi Sarah ! kids back at school so ive sat down to try and catch up on all your postings and stuff in general.....a big ask as its built up over 7 to OCA and your facebook link but I think i;ll be a regular!! I've seen this artists work at Art in Action in July and it is amazing. each mark is a small stich and perfectly executed. I didn't know she regarded herself as a fine artist and interestingly enough she was in the textiles marquee and not the art marquee at the show but I guess she says that becasue her work does reflect a "picture" and not just patterns or marks ( as mine does). Inspirational !!