Project 1 - Making marks

It was interesting to think about how I held a pencil as I have always been told I hold a pencil incorrectly (too close to the nib) and wonder if this affects the way I draw? I discovered that when I drew with either my left hand or holding the very end of the pencil, my mark making was much lighter and freer than when I hold it normally which makes very dark, controlled and purposeful marks.

I experimented with pencils and coloured pencils for the first time and really enjoyed the way they felt and the freeness that came with it. I normally use black pen when drawing and add colour with watercolours, as I once read that drawing with a pen is more liberating as you cannot rub out mistakes which is the reason I don't use pencils. However I found the pencil to be really light and free and the use of colours inspiring.

I used a variety of tools to make marks including different pencils, graphite, Aquamarkers, wax crayons, pen, watercolour pencils, charcoals, ink and pastels. Each of these tools made completely different marks and gave effects from the clear precise marks of the HB pencil and Aquamarker to more undefined blurred marks as with the graphite, wax crayons and pastels.

I felt the tools that made more definite marks were more serious and the tools that were more loose I like the graphite and charcoal had a much more fun feel about them. I found the introduction to pencils was the most rewarding experiment as it some is something I wouldn't of used before, but the effects are much more varied than I get with my normal black pen. I also enjoyed using the willow charcoal sticks which gave a really loose fast movement and something I would like to experiment with on a really big sheet of paper.

Looking back I guess the difference between using something like charcoal, ink and pencils as opposed to my normal pen is that you can move really fast and apply different press light or hard, where as a pen has a consistent pressure. And I feel this fastness encourages a spontaneity that isn't felt with pen.

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