Project 2 - basic shapes and form

I made two drawings of boxes and books. The first was see through as suggested, however I found this much more difficult as there was too many lines and I found it hard to visualise how the boxes sat on top of each other. I felt my second attempt was much more successful. Some of the lines what are a bit bent but overall you could tell they were 3 dimensional items.

The next exercise with cylindrical objects looked good, although the cylinders looked less 3d than the boxes.

My attempts of drawing the still life was not as successful as I had hoped. The process having to add details and colour to the drawing somehow made the proportions worse.
Firstly I made the mistake of not overlapping the items enough. So added with the bad drawing, the soup, yellow tub and cereal bar box all merge into the same space... making it hard to tell which item is in the front and which item is behind.

I could not get the oval shape if the yellow pot ... so gave up! The soup can is too short and the angles of the top send bottom curves do not match. The top if the cereal bar box is also slightly wonky.
In terms of colour, there are some areas I am happy with (left side of soup,left side of yellow pot,and crisp packet) with darker areas of shading that add some depth to the items.

If I put something over the meeting of the soup, cereal bar box and yellow tub ... the drawing becomes much more successful!

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