Project 3 - tone and form

I found it quite easy to see the shadows from one light source, and am pleased with my drawing of 2 houses. I am I'm not sure I captured the strength of  each shadow, I was happy with it for a first attempt.

At first I found it difficult to make the cross hatching bend around the shapes I was trying to draw, and needed to view an instructional YOU TUBE video (then lots of  practise) before I was happy with my final tomato!

I feel that i now have a greater appreciation of adding more depth to my drawings.


I find Odilion's work very interesting and challenging to view. The image here is called Death`s head and is described as [ The wall of his room was opening up, and from the crack a death’s head was projected.] Whilst it is clear to see the shadow on the skull, I feel the rest of the image could be anything, making it hard to  see what is black and what is shadow. When an image is clearly an identifiable object it is so much easier to decipher shadows.

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