Project 5 - still life

Still life with man made and natural objects.

Whilst I was pleased with both attempts, I think I find natural objects easier to suggest three dimensions - mainly because some of them have bold straight lines ... giving clear definition.

I was much more aware of the compostion of these images than when I first started ... making sure the objects overlapped in the right place, so that it was clear in my drawings which image was in the front etc.  When arranging the fruit, I tried lots of positions ... wanting it to look more like a symmetric pattern than a normal still life arrangement. However in the end I decided to put in largest fruit in the front, with other fruits peering over it, as I felt it made the arrangement more interesting, inviting the viewer to see a glimpse of what was behind the grapefruit.

My attempt of the negitive space exercise was interesting, and it took me several attempts to get the hang of "seeing" the objects properly... with my first attempt having floating bottles!

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