Assignment 1

Man made

I didn't really know where to start of this assignment, so started sketching various man-made objects to get a feel for what I wanted to draw. I settles for a collection of coloured pots. I tried various compositions and mediums (choosing coloured pencil) - although I'm sure I should of drawn more preliminary work before I started working on the final piece. I think at the moment, I feel the thought of a final piece very daunting - where do I start and stop? ... what if my preliminary piece is better than the final piece / or I feel there is no way I can improve?

I did work on my final piece for a few hours, then came back to it the next day and reworked it to define the details. I used coloured pencils in various shades of each colour, in sweeping lines to emphasis the roundness of the bowls. 

I felt the orange and red bowls worked well and I can clearly make out which way they are sitting. However the pink bowl isn't the right shape, with the bottom splaying out too big, this was impossible to correct once it had gone wrong, and if anything I added to the problem buy trying to fix it! The yellow pot is the worse as it hard to see if it is a flat, concave or convex object! No matter how much I look at the bowl, I can't seem to see how I can fix this issue.

The problem I encountered with working in coloured pencil was that it was hard to rectify mistakes - especially with the lighter colours.. they couldn't be drawn over or rubbed out. I also found that the rough images I sketched with normal pencil showed through - so had to be rubbed out pretty early. If I were to do this image again, I would take more time getting the placements right before adding the colour.


As with the man made image, I spent time sketching different flowers, until I decided to draw a close up of a thistle head on A1 paper. The final result is awful and sadly there is nothing I like about i... infact I am very embarrassed by it. I was tempted to chuck it away and draw something else, but the course notes said "don't be discouraged if things didn't go too well - your drawing skills will improve with practise", so here it is ... 

I felt my mistake was to use pastels (something I have not used before), as I thought the texture of pastels was soft like the thistle. The idea was to use lots of shades to make up the colour of the thistle, with lots of small strokes make the outline appeared blurred. However the pastels didn't blend well and it ended up with either merging together too much to form a grey shade or sitting next to each other and not blending at all. I also made the mistake towards the end of resting on an area I'd already done and smudged it completely. I spent about 3 hours on this image, and the more I tried to work into it, the worse it looked ... until I gave up!

Therefore I feel my first assignment was not successful at all. I found the idea of producing "finished" images scary, and was over ambitious by trying new mediums I had not used on a large scale before. I think I also found working with detail on A1 very daunting.

However on a positive note, I am doing this course to improve my drawing, and I'm sure it can only get better. I started this course knowing that drawing isn't my strong point, and am determined to practise and produce results I am proud of by the end! I think drawing is much more personal than I imagined and I really hope that I can learn to mix skills that I learn with my own drawing preferences to develop my own style.

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