Project 6 - using texture

I made a series of sketches of different textures, trying to use different kinds of lines... some turned out good, overs disappointing!

The knitting was depicted with groups of short lines following a pattern of each stitch. I felt it showed depth and the roundness of each strand of wool.

Whilst the textured fabric wasn't recognisable, I liked how the crosses of various density (to show wearing on the fabric) made an interesting texture, and maybe in context it would of been easy to recognise?

I enjoyed drawing toast crumbs... again whilst the texture looked nothing like toast crumbs, it had the right feeling... of being fast and loose and messy.

The Tinfoil looked more like a rock formation rather than a ball of foil - and probably needed a hundred different shades in it, to make it look realistic.

I feel I could use more experimentation in using different lines, as I feel it's all too easy to stick to hatching to get texture and depth. I would like to spend more time looking at work from my favourite artists such as Danny Gregory who uses simple black lines to create amazing textures.

I enjoyed the rubbings (frottage) of the wood, and experimenting with different materials. My favourite  was the charcoal, which gave a really varied and much more discrete rubbing than the Markel Stix / crayon. I love using frottage, but don't feel entirely comfortable with using it in drawing, as it feels somehow like cheating!

My drawing with a selection of objects was of a chunky ball of wool, feather and bubble wrap. I used a graphite stick, as I felt it was soft and undefined like the objects. I was happy with the wool and feather, but I struggled with capturing the right texture with the bubble wrap ... maybe because the area was so vast - and it would of helped to focus in on a smaller area?

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