Assessment boards

I've finally managed to unpack my mountboards for Textiles 1: creative approach.
I've uploaded images of everything i sent for assessment (less the general sketchbooks). It doesn't seem much considering how long the course took, but I got a decent mark (65), so it must of been OK!

The mountboards are A1 and are about 30%? of all the work I did. I basically laid out all the work for each assignment and picked out the best bits - which meant a lot of cutting up things I'd already mounted or glued to send off to the tutor... if I did this again, I would think more about the end presentation as I went along!

For information, the detailed feedback was;

Demonstration of technical and visual skills 24 (out of 40)
Quality of outcome 12 (out of 20)
Demonstration of creativity (14 (out of 20)
Context 15 (out of 20)

Assessor comments
In order to build upon your technical and visual skills , in particular the graphic approach to drawing, a wider knowledge  of practitioners working in similar areas of investigation is necessary.

Your design development would be further strengthened through more explicit decision making and a deeper reflective appraisal. Drawing directly with the needle and thread may help you develop your visual ideas and creative aspirations. Your confident and articulate log is self aware, continue to use this media and approach in order to establish your practice within a wider context.

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  1. Thank you for posting your assessment boards - I have been so unsure what I should include or not include!