Experimenting with inks

I have been experimenting with inks over the weekend.

I went on a workshop last year with printmaker Sue Brown, who uses acrylic, quink ink and bleach in her sketchbooks.

She applies white acrylic onto paper, then adds ink over the top - which sort of sinks into the acrylic, then adds bleach, which reacts with the ink, leaving beautiful colours behind (the colour changes the longer the bleach is wet, so drying it with a hairdryer can change the colour - whereas drying naturally can completely bleach the ink white).

I was very excited to see that my Colourcraft water resistant drawing inks also have this effect (although other inks like indian ink don't work this way).

I did some samples of all my inks with [wallpaper prints of] 1. acrylic 2. acrylic with bleach 3. gesso primer 4. gesso primer with bleach 5. just bleach 6. wax.

It was interesting to note the bleach worked with all but the black drawing ink ... and that some of the inks produce a more interesting colour with the bleach than others (the black quink turned orange in the bleach).

The Colourcraft brush acrylic shimmer spray also works this way (the red in the 2nd image) abut the brusho crystals (green / yellow in in 2nd image) didn't react well - more experiments needed maybe?

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