Loosening up

After getting my tutor notes back from my first assignment, I decided I needed to try and loosen up my drawing. I think I have been trying too hard to draw exactly what I see, rather than follow my natural style which is much more scruffy (I'm sure there is a technical term for this style) and creative than one of those people that draw images that look like photos!

I've done a bit of research about how to loosen up my drawings and the main tip I have taken away is how I actually hold my drawing tool. I have been holding it like I do when I write, so have tried sketching whilst holding it in an almost stabbing postition (the best way I have heard this described is "hold it so you can see your thumb nail facing you") which allows the drawing to come from your whole arm rather than just from your wrist.

I have also tried sketching things upside down (to teach me to draw what I am looking up rather than how I think it shoud look) and really quick (so my brain doesn't get time to "think too much" about what I'm doing.

Whist the results of these excersises are probably not any better than my work in assignment 1, I certainly feel happier with them and I much more free!

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