Project 10 - Still life

Exercise Still life group using line

This drawing is of a decaying pine cone and wilting hyacinth. I'm happy with the pine cone and flower, and think I captured the same and form well. However this is the first time I have tried to add a background to an image. It's not something that comes naturally to me, and I think it shows! I normally place things I want to draw on a plain white background so I can completely focus on the object in question, and not get distracted. So I had to find a wooden table and curtain to draw the image against... and as this exercise was about line, I found it nearly impossible to draw curtains without trying to add some tone.

Exercise Still life group using tone

This image of shells in a glass jar. I found this quiet difficult to separate line from tone with this image. The issues I had is that maybe because of the lighting, everything seems to be defined by lines - for example the edge of the glass jar was very dark because of the way the light fell, and the bumps on the urchin shells were almost perfect circles, because they were shaded.... so I was a little confused as to if it draw them or not! I also added colour, to try and give the shells more life and enhance the tones. The lid in this drawing was too squashed and pointed, but I am happy with the way all the other  objects look - especially the glass jar - which I thought would be really hard to capture.

Overall I think restricting anything to just line or tone can make drawing tricky. I think naturally you just try and draw what you see, and separating that into line or tone really needs a lot of thinking. The line is important for capturing details and the tone for giving a sense of depth and energy.

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