Project 12 - Drawing plants and flowers

Exercise Negative space in a plant

This negative space drawing was made using a black aquamarker pen. I found it harder than expected to draw the negative space, as it is so much easier to keep a track on whole shapes, rather than just the outside of them.

The image reminded me of work I had done with shadows for my final piece for Textiles 1 so I took a photograph of the shadow of the same plant (I tried to make the colours negative - but my phone wouldn't play!) and also printed the leaves to get a similar effect.

Plants and flowers in coloured pencil

This large scale (A2) image of flowers in a teacup was made using coloured pencils. I found this image particularly difficult, and have left it as it is rather than get stressed trying to do any more to it. I had thought my drawing skills were improving (I had been particularly happy with the onion and shells) yet I found this really hard going. I started the drawing by roughly sketching the outline of each flower, to get the right placement and proportions  then quickly added some colour and shading. However, I was drawing outside and hadn't considered the wind would move the petals half way through drawing, making it extra hard to add extra shade and tone from memory / guess work. I think maybe it could be because the scale of the image - again something I'm very new to.

The bits are the light pink petals of the tulip, which are a good colour match and you can clearly see the shadows and form of the tulip. The small pink and purple flowers are also good colours and again, you can see where the petals bend and overlap to form the flowers.

However the yellow flowers didn't work as well - there isn't enough tone or definition between each flower. The dark tulip looks awful - the colours are all wrong, and the 2 pencils I've used don't blend at all. It completely moved half way through, and I think this resulted in me shading the wrong area - leaving it looking twisted and the eye can't tell which way the petals bend. I also had problems with the background, by this time I had spent about 4 hours on it and gave up hope of saving the flowers, so just roughly sketched in the table.

Drawing with other colour media

Drawn with aquamarkers and water. I drew the main shapes of the petals, then blended the colours using water. This method was much quicker and looser than the pencil drawing. The shapes are not as defined as the pencil, but I think they give a much freer drawing with more energy. Although it's hard to be bias, when a certain drawing has caused so much grief!

This is my last attempt using oil pastels, and again they didn't work well at all - resulting it a really stiff child-like drawing.

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