Project 8 - exploring coloured media

I played around with various media. Thoughts are;

MARKER (aquamarker) - I enjoy using this medium, as it makes strong bold lines - a style I've realised since starting the course that I prefer! It is easy to work with and gives quick instant results. I felt it worked well at tone and hatching and I was surprised at how effective it was at creating tone with stipples and blending colour with lines. However, due to the thickness and strength of the marks, it was not the best at creating lighter areas, or mixing colours together.

PENCIL & WATERCOLOUR PENCILS - I'm still fairly new to using pencils and they don't come naturally to me. I don't enjoy the way they make such delicate marks, nor the effort you need to put it in to get deep areas of colour. They were not very effective at stippling as markers, because you couldn't simply dot the colour on - you needed to draw with them ... even then the colour was still very wishy washy! I think they are best for merging colours together and using fast definite strokes, to create tone and shape. I enjoyed the randomness of using the (green) watercolour pencil with a (blue) normal pencil, then spraying water on top - letting the green leak and blend into the blue.

CHARCOALS, PASTELS & OIL PASTEL - As with pencils, these are harder to use than markers, although they do have much more vivid colours. Both pastels merged well together and I could get a good variant from light to dark. I don't think they work so well for hatching, as each mark merges into the next one too easy, creating more of a block of colour, than individual lines. I have no experience of this media, so it scares me a little, and I feel the marks I made with it are too clumsy and show little definition.

INKS I used Quink, Indian and drawing inks. The Indian ink was way too thick (maybe it's too old - as I can't recall it being like that before?) so just made blobby marks and wasn't particularly useful for anything. I used the other 2 inks with variety of drawing pens and different sized nibs. Once I found a nib that worked well (the larger one was too big to flow smoothly) I really enjoyed using this media (the quink was my favourite because its not too runny.) It creates purposeful marks, yet can also be applied lightly for detailed work. It works perfect for hatching to create tone, but can also be used as big blocks of colour - e.g. with a brush. Colours can also be merged together well, both by stippling and mixing the wet colours on top of each other. I think my favourite part about inks is that they have a life of their own, and can run went you don't want them too, or dry in different colours than expected - I think this adds to their beauty and makes them more expressive than the other media.

I think both pencil and ink are good for detailed work. As they produce fine lines with clear defined markings.

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