Project 9 - Detailed observation

Line drawing

I took an image of a shell and made several sketches using a pilot fibre pen. It worked well producing good clear solid lines. Although they did look shell like - I think drawing the same image at different angles re-enforces what the object is. I feel this images would work very well as printing motifs, or even stitching - with their strong definite lines.

Tone and depth

This image of the same shell was done in different grades of pencil. The pencil worked really well at producing contrasting marks of tone and form. To give the feel of the smoothness of the shell, I used mainly sweeping marks, with some cross hatching to define the bumpy areas.

Stipples and dots

I used the same pilot pen and the same shell again for this drawing. I wanted to use the same object, to get a feel of how an object can look different with various styles of mark making. Whilst I felt this drawing looked like a shell, the stippling makes it loose the smooth feeling which was had by using a pencil in the drawing as above. Maybe it would look better if it was smaller, and part of a bigger image - so the dots blended into one, like pointillism paintings.

Whilst I was pleased with all the drawings, I definitely prefer the line drawings, rather than capturing all the details of objects. I'm not sure why this is, if it's because it is quicker and I'm too impatient, or if it's because I always look at images with textiles in the back of my mind - thinking how an object could be translated to print or stitch?

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