Research point - artist styles

I found it quite hard to research artists that work in contrasting ways - tight & rigorous to sketchy expressive and other than googling, I'm not sure if there is somewhere (like the art bible!?!) that I should be researching stuff like this?

I came across some work from Munch "sketch of a model" as an example of fast and sketchy work. The marks look really fast and free, almost as if he had an image of a model, then scribbled over it in frustration. It is well documented that Munch had a tormented life, suffering death and loss of most of his family before he was 25. It appears that all this sadness and anger has been put into his creativity and mark making, and the result ends in a really energetic and charged image.

I tended to find that artists that were studying the form of objects were much tighter and rigorous, an example being George Stubbs. The time he has taken studying the form of horses, comes out in all of his sketches in perfect detail. The drawings are much more controlled, as if the images are coming from knowledge rather than passion of Munch's.

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