Research point - landscape

I looked at various artists such as Durer and Lowry as advised, plus Harry Eccleston, Veronica Lanlor, Eddie Pena, Kati Nawrocki, Hannah Hinchman and Danny Gregory.
What struck me most about all the images I was drawn to, was that they were all constructed in pen and ink, with clean simple lines. Some had washes of colour on, but they the basis of the mages were all the same. I feel I am naturally drawn to this style of drawing, and this is how I feel most comfortable drawing. But what I noticed about drawings by Eccleston and Lanlor in particular, was the lack of presiceness about the images. There were areas of the image that were incomplete, along with certain areas with multiple lines - where the artist had had several attempts to get the proportions of the drawing correct.
The thought that nothing has to be perfect and images can be redrawn on top of themselves, along with the idea of not having to complete every area of the drawing, makes the thought of drawing landscapes (and the incredible amount of detail in them) much less intimindating!
This lead onto me having a quick look at "looser" styles of drawing with pen and ink. I found a few images who's style I love, both using a really loose scribbly style to create beautfully deailed drawings.

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