Project 14 - Exercise 36 - 360 degrees

I choose to go down to Ilfacombe harbour for my 360 degree image, as there are amazing views from all points. I was going to go up high to the Chapel on the hill and look down onto Ilfracombe, but it was extremley windy, so sat near Verity (Damien Hirst's statue). I sat very close to Verity, and got as much of her in the drawing as I could (although I didn't want her complete) then panned around the carpark, back towards the hill and town, then back towards the sea.

As I had joined the 4 sheets of paper together, I wanted to keep everything in proportion to where I was sitting. This meant most of my pagers were 3/4 empty, as Verity is so big ... but on reflection, I like this empty space, as it creates the focus on Verity - yet missing off her head and sworded arm makes it look as if the drawing isn't just about her.

I really like this image, and feel it could be developed into a good drawing. I realise I could do with a lot of practise drawing cars, but the hills are looking much better, and I feel I didn't go over the top with detail and squiggle this time!

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