Project 14 - Exercise 37 - clouds


After starting this exercise, I have been finding interesting cloud formations everywhere. From beautiful pink sunset clouds to ones with silver linings.Whilst I know i'm meant to be drawing them, I feel photography is still an excellent way
 of recording information - so I've added some photos here too.

I drew the clouds in a variety of mediums from pencil and charcoal to oil and soft pastels and pen. I tried different styles, using more illustrative lines drawings with cross hatching as shading and then more traditional techniques with using coloured pastels.

I wasn't very happy with the pastels (especially the ones where i used green for grass) as i felt they were more just drawings of clouds, rather than really capturing the essence of the cloud. I found it hard to create the white, as it the colour kept blending into paper and disapearing.

The oil pastel sketch looked very cloud like, but still didn't "feel" right. My favourite sketch was the last image drawn with charcoal - the mark making feels somehow airy and loose - like a big thunder cloud. Maybe it feels the most energetic?

I did keep wanting to use watercolours, as I feel they would have this loose feeling to them too - but was unsure if that counts as "drawing"? - so avoided them.

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