Project 14 - Exercise 38 - composition and structure

The aim of this exercise was to establish a foreground, middle ground and background in a drawing.

I went for the view from my back garden, so I could keep going back to the same spot if needed. The background was hills, trees and sky - which i've keep vague and pale, with the middle ground being roof tops, then the fence and honeysuckle  being the foreground. I did find it a little hard to work out if all the roof tops were middle ground or some foreground, so I tried to stagger the amount of detail and colour I used. I started adding roof tiles to the roof closest to me ...but wasn't sure if it was too much detail? - these make look better all added in, then rubbed out to blur them?

The main focus is the fence and honeysuckle in the foreground. I'm happy with the honeysuckle, but feel the fence could do with more work to define it better. I'm not sure if these need to be fixed, or if this is something best left and learning for the future?

Anyway, I am pleased with the image in terms that I think it does give a good feeling of depth and structure... although I do feel it's a bit boring and lacks any energy or excitement.

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