Project 14 - Exercise 35 - sketchbook walk

I've a poorly girl at home, so couldn't go out decided to go for a walk through my garden (which is long at thin, so was like going for a walk!) Instead.

I tried to take on what I had learnt from the drawings I had looked at and take certain points from the viewfinder. 

My first image captured everything I saw, but I felt I overdid the background (which was grass and moss and all merged together) and despite trying different squiggles to represent the different areas of vegetation, in the end it just looked a mess.

The second drawing was of the garden table and chair, and again the background was the problem. I choose this, as I liked the textures on the furniture against the moss, but in hindsight I should of avoided the mosses areas!

The third drawing of houses over the trees was an improvement, and I wonder if this is because there was something manmade and angular in the viewfinder - which iss much easier to draw?
My final attempt of some trees was to try and get the feel of trees, without resulting to the squiggles of previous attempts. I tried to capture the light and shade of the tree, but to simplify it with much less marks. I do feel this was more successful than the squiggles, but as it as only really trees, it looked a bit dull!
I'm finding to hard to loosen up and not try and draw everything I see!

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