Project 14 - Landscape drawing log

On the 1st landscape exercise (sketchbook walk) I found it different to try and capture everything that was in front of me, without overloading the page. 

Luckily I found a book from a car boot sale the following weekend The Fundamentals of Drawing Landscapes By Barrington Barber and reading through it really helped me feel confident in missing things out.

My second attempt of drawing (360) was much better (in terms of capturing the important parts not my drawing skills) and I felt confident to leave out areas, and add minimal shading.

I still have difficulty in drawing, and find it tough every time I move onto a new subject - for example the cars in the 360 exercise were terrible! But I guess this will either come with practise, else I'll learn to squiggle better!

As I have never attempted to draw landscapes before, I had never even thought about the fact that images don't always have detail through the whole drawing - and it was so helpful to learn about dividing images into background, middleground and foreground, and this really helped me "cope" with the vastness of the landscape before me.

Being told I didn't have to try and see the detail of the every house in the horizon was  a real 'click' moment and very liberating.

I used the lack of detail and the blurred colours in the background, and more intense colours and detail in the foreground, and I felt it worked really well. I'm still uncomfortable with my "drawing what I see mode" as I feel it make my drawings really rigid and tight - almost like you can see the concentration of the new techniques i'm learning - but I hope once I have learnt all these new skills, and get used to them - my drawing will become much more free.

There is mention about the use of preliminary studies in the notes - this is another area I struggle with. I feel, once I've drawn an image once (or spent ages on the same image) I lose interest and find it difficult to draw with any motivation ... so I try to stay away from doing preliminary sketches. I have tried to combat this by sketching little areas of the image, or doing rough outlines to get the composition right - but i'm not sure if this is enough?

Sometimes I do find the drawing course a little confusing - is the process meant to be to produce complete finished drawings that totally i'm happy with, or to learn along the way and produce unfinished drawings (with notes for improvement) in which I learn lessons ... all that should be applied to a final drawing for the assignments? I guess this is made more of a struggle because I am doing to textile degree - so my personal aim is just to improve my drawing skills enough to add value to my textile work - rather than be able to produce fantastic paintings!

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