Project 16 - Exercise 42 - sketchbook townscape

I have been struggling to find time to sketch townscapes, as I work full time and have a 6 year old - so rarely have time off to dedicate on drawing (I tried taking Ostara with me, but I couldn't concentrate properly)... so I reached a compromised and decided to sketch the view from my shop - which I can fit in during lunch breaks. The only problem is, as I can't actually leave the shop, it really limits what I can draw, so means I have to try and make what I see interesting.

I decided to focus on the chip shop on the other side of the road, and the road that sweeps away, pointing up to the hills. I planned to make the left side of the road really out of focus, to draw attention to the  line of the path on the right.

I then redraw the chip shop using a ruler to get the perspective right, and add more details with shading (as my original drawing was on a very dull day, with no sun or shade.

I then re-drew the image using coloured pencils.

I have found this difficult because I don't have much experience using coloured pencils, and feel every time are use a new media or I have to start from the beginning... I wasn't sure how to draw with coloured pencils and started off sketching the drawing in grey pencil, then "colouring it" in, rather than using the coloured pencils for the whole image.

I originally used water soluble pencils, but got some normal coloured ones, as they were less soft. I also used a more textured pastel paper which I felt handled the pencil better.

As a first attempt of a coloured pencil landscape, I am pleased with the results. The perspective isn't all perfect (not helped with wonky building) and some of the details aren't as clear as I hoped (a larger image would of made details easier), but overall, there is a feeling a depth and I feel the mix of buildings, hills and sky makes an interest composition.

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