Project 15 - Perspective (exercise 39 & 40)

Exercise Parallel perspective – an interior view
The requirement of this drawing was to draw a scene of perspective through a door without a ruler, then check the perspective.

Despite thinking myself very logical, I've been finding perspective tough. I have practised drawings with perspective starting with simple boxes and simple rooms. I didn't have any troubles with these however as soon as I started trying to draw from real, then adding the perspective lines in, I got confused I found far too many angles and lines that didn't lead to any vanishing point. I need to get it straight in my head what line is a line of perspective and what line isn't.


For this exercise I drew a scene from an open door leading into my kitchen, with a table and chairs, window and open door leading into the garden. I measured my eye level with the table legs to find my horizon. I drew the scene from eye and I felt happy with the perspective. I then slipped the drawing into a see through pocket and marked all the straight lines I could find to see if it met at a vanishing point. The lines were all over the place and I couldn't really see any connection with the lines, either at a vanishing point or on a horizon line.

I then took a photo from where I was sitting and drew lines to find the true vanishing point. It was interesting to note that the actual eye level was different from the vanishing point in the photo despite the camera be in in the exact same position of my eye. The photo showed a clear vanishing point for most of the lines in my image. So I redrew the image, measuring carefully and concentrating on getting the vanishing points right. It's strange that the second image looks more skewed to the eye than the original one!

Exercise Angular perspective

I started drawing this house by eye and soon realised that I needed  to add perspective lines in as I went. As soon as I did this, I found getting the perspective easy.

The only part of the image that looks a bit odd is the balcony underneath the double doors in the centre - the balcony is just a piece of wood sticking out from the wall, which is decaying - and I found it hard to add it in without it looking out of place / perspective. If I redrew this imge, I would leave it out, to avoid confusion!

Check and log

Once I got my head around perspective I found it easier to re-create... however I only feel comfortable doing this with the aid of a ruler and adding lines to guide me. I guess this will become second nature with practise, and I'll be able to draw without guides one day!

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