Project 16 - Exercise 41 - townscapes using line

Exercise Study of a townscape using line

I completed this study using pencil from a local cafe. I was a grey day, so I felt the softness of pencil seems to capture the mood better.

I used a car as the foreground (which was a bit tricky, as they kept moving, so the car drawing is a version of several car components in 1!), the buildings for the middle, then the alley in the centre of the pages draws the eye back into the background.

This is one of the first sketches I've done outdoors that I'm happy with. I managed to pick out the important parts of the high street, without overloading it with detail. I used guidelines to help with the alley going off into the distance, and felt it worked well, with everything easy to understand (unlike my previous dodgy balcony!) despite the buildings being very old and wonky!

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