Project 16 - Exercise 43 - townscape limited palette

I used red, brown, black and white conte sticks on blue pastel paper for this limited pallette sketch. I choose blue paper as I thought it would cool down the image, and add a coldness ... which is certainly in the air today.

The image is of my street heading down hill, with a large hill in the background.

I added bunting zigzagging across the street, which I think adds confusion to the image.

I was very unhappy with this - both with the colour combination (that clashed) and the actual technical side on the drawing. I'm not used to using conte sticks, and can't really get to grips with the "softness" of them - and really dislike the fuzziness of the drawing. I also think there is not enough interest in either the foreground, middle or background.


... so I moved down down the street to the Tapas bar - which happened to be on the corner, adding more interest (and perspective) into the drawing. I look much more time measuring the distances and perspectives to get the drawing looking more accurate. I then drew with a waterproof fine liner then added colour with a watercolour wash. I am much more pleased with this image - probably because it is using materials I am much more comfortable with. I have avoided watercolours in the past, as I was unsure if they were allowed (for some reason I felt it was cheating)!

Before I completed this image, I had a bit of a struggle and was thinking about leaving the course - because sometimes I feel completely out of my depth. But after a few weeks off, I decided that I was being too hard on myself - by trying to learn perspective, townscapes AND using a new material as conte sticks. So I decided to try and make it easier by cutting one of the learning aspects out and using pen and watercolour to learn townscapes. At the end of the day I have to remind myself that I am doing this course to improve my drawing - which it is, not to push myself too hard. Once I feel more comfortable in drawing the basics (towns, people, still life etc) THEN I can learn new media.

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