Research point - artists working in series

Research point - painting in series

Monet painted several different series of paintings, such as the Haystacks and Rouen Cathedral. He painted them all at various times of the day and in different weathers, to try and capture the different light. Monet stated that he found the cathedral series challenging, as each day he would discover something he hadn’t seen the day before. He also found that the ever changing nature of light an impossible task to capture, so he would capture the essence of the scene quickly, then finish it from his memory later.

Cezenne also painted in series, and made 80 paintings of "mont sainte victoire" over 20 years. He had a love affair with the subject, but the story goes he sadly contracted pneumonia - which killed him - whilst working there.

The challenge of artists who paint in series, is to make each painting different and interesting enough from the others, so as to not to make the current painting a mere "copy", but a masterpiece in it's own right.

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