Research point - perspective

Research point


I've looked at various paintings by Claude Lorrain and have noticed he seems to follow the same pattern in all his paintings (that I've seen). He appears to divide the paintings into clear backgrounds (very pale, hazy and faint), then a middle and foreground that merge together, so its hard to disguish where one starts and the other finishes. He appears to always have people in the front of the painting, which helps to add scale and perspective - especially when the other items are all natural and could be any size! The colours are mainly all natural (greens and greys with pale blues for the sky) and the people always in bright colours - mainly red - to make them stand out and become the focus of the painting.

Turner's style of panting has quite different effects on perspective. His paintings here show a very hazy style of painting through out the images, which make the middle and foreground merge into the background. If you look hard there is more detail in the foreground, but the main factor that shows the perspective is the use of colour, with the darkest area in the middle and foreground, and the lightest area in the background.

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