Assignment 3

For assignment 3 (a view out of a window), I chose a view out of a playhouse shed. I thought the linear planks of the shed made an interesting frame to the organic shapes of the grass and trees. The planks and open window shutter gave a good example of perspective. As the shed was white, I used linear perspective rather than aerial perspective ... as the background was much darker than the foreground.

After experimenting with different media, I decided on using Indian ink ... as it can be watered down to form different shades, as well as being used with a variety of ways.  I experimented with the ink using lots of different objects before making the final drawing. I used ink, water and brush to paint the planks, a loofah to "stipple" grass, and various sized dip pens for the rest.

I found drawing straight lines tricky, as its nearly impossible to get a perfect straight line... especially with a unpredictable media of pen and ink. I think that the small window framing the detailed view works well in drawing your eye to the centre of the drawing, but the small meant it lost some of the expressive freedom I liked in the sample image tree. If I were to draw this image again, I would experiment changing the orientation - which would make the window bigger.

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