Project 18. Exercise 48. quick poses

A these sketches were done in a day long life drawing class.

The first images (charcoal) was 5 poses in 2 minutes each. Whilst not accurate, I felt they had a good sense of movement.

The second images (biro) were 5 minutes each, and I found these tougher... mainly because the biro was so tough to use, I found the images very hard and scratchy. It was interesting to see how the others in the class used their biros - in a much freer way (3rd image).

The forth image was created using a long sticks dipped in ink and pastels. The stick with extremely hard to use, resulting in very clumsy body parts - making the model look more like a bodybuilder!

The final drawing in pastels and charcoal had much better proportions than the rest, and although i still had issues with the legs and feet i was much happier with this drawing.

I think my overall drawing could be improved by loosening up my drawing style and making freer marks. I also feel practice will help me get the body proportions looking better, as well as improving details such as hands and feet.

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