Project 18. Exercise 49. longer pose

My 2 longer poses were from photographs, as I dont think I'll be able how to get to another life drawing session.

The first image of the girl was drawn with willow charcoal and white pastel on a cream pastel paper, and took around 30 minutes. I felt i captured the posture and the light and dark well. Most of the body is in proportion and the only issues i have are firstly with the fingers (which are the wrong shape) and secondly the right leg (which is a little too thin).

I found the charcoal difficult to work with, as i am a very messy person at the best of times, and ended up smudging the image on several occasions. I also made lines too dark around the edges and had to smudge them to form a background,so i can readjust the outline.

My second image took around 45 minutes using coloured pencils. I choose this medium because firstly it was less messy and secondly because I wanted to loosen up and add a bit of energy into the image.

Again, the hands don't look right, so I really need to either practice drawing hands or simplify them. The chest 
area is also a little out of proportion. However i like the energy and overall feeling of the drawing.

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