Project 19. Exercise 51. essential elements

This time you will draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each.


As I'm unable to use a real life model (and only have access to Ostara age 7 - who will not let me draw her naked!) I had to use the internet for a model. I used as it has a 10 minute pose section, forcing me to only spend 10 minutes on each sketch.
My drawings improved as I went on - with the first 2 or 3 having problems with proportions - my tendency is to make the legs too short (despite measuring). So I lightly sketched in each body part to begin with (even if I could not see it due to shade or something being in the way) to get a better sense of proportion - this helped. I think I managed to capture the movements and flows in the body well, despite the lack of proportions!
I found some drawings harder to define the form of the body, as there was a lot in the shade, and particularly ones with long hair made the details disappear into shadow and hair mass! I ended up slightly editing some of these drawings (adding more definition / less shade) to make the drawing clearer.
I think the shaded drawings give a better sense of depth, and the line drawings a better idea of flow, and have more energy about them.

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