Experimental drawing workshop

I went on a experimental drawing workshop in Exeter (at the Exeter Phoenix)  last month it was an interest in they using various technique that I haven't tried before.

Experimenting with patterns whilst listening to music in limited colours ... I heard crashing waves.

Random mark making with charcoal

Drawing an object firstly without looking at the paper, then looking at the object and doing a quick line sketch - both in charcoal.

Drawing an unknown object (a stone with a hole in the middle) without looking at it, turning the paper 1 turn, then passing it onto the next person to add to ... repeat  x 4. My stone, ended up looking more like a big eyed face with a yellow fringe!

Taking our unknown image (above) and drawing a small part of it with dipped ink on a long stick, then highlighting areas of interest with chalk.

Collage, using wallpaper and fabric, and limited paint palette.

I find it really hard to let go and draw things in an abstract way, and thought this workshop would free me up. However, whilst the day was interesting, I'm not sure how helpful it was. Most of the exercises felt a bit pointless and this made me feel more tense, rather than freeing me up!

After a few months, I am looking at these images and don't particularly like any of them - or see how they could contribute to any future work.

The one exercise I did enjoy, was to draw something without looking at it - purely by touch, then drawing objects without looking at the paper. These exercises could produce interesting results.

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