Project 19. Exercise 50. essential shapes

The first image for this exercise was taken from the internet. The image of a seated female had a slight twist in the body, with one shoulder pointing forward, this gave the feeling of her chest opening upwards. Her head was slightly bent and her legs crossed, which gave a second curve movement right through the body.

I quickly sketched the movements in pencil, then tried sketching line using a felt tip, thinking it would give strong marks. but the thickness of the lines were not forgiving and meant once down I couldn't rearrange. The result was awful!

I then did another sketch with shading  to give me a bit of confidence. I covered the whole page to give my mid tones, then added darker tones and rubbed out the "white" highlighted areas. I felt this worked well, especially with the dark shadow framing one side of her body.

When I was happy that I could make a sketch look like a person, I changed tactics again and made quick sketches in pencil to get the proportions right, then made solid bold marks in charcoal. I felt the charcoal worked better than the felt tip, as it has a natural sweeping flow, like the parts of a body.

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