Project 21. Exercise 54. three drawings

Research point - anatomy. I did an online anatomy drawing course on, which went through several areas of anatomy ... the proportions of the body, the skeleton and the muscles. Working through each area step by step, has certain help me understand how the body fits together better, and will make me look at a body in sections rather than the whole.

 A couple of sketches from the course.

Three drawings - one of the model standing, one sitting and one lying down. Spend between half and an hour on each pose.

The first drawing is using pastels and pastel pencils. I drew my little girl when she was asleep as it's the only time she stays still long enough. The proportions were slightly better in my pencil sketches, however she moved slightly whilst i was using the pastels so i should of marked out the areas better before I added detail. This style of pastels was inspired by an artist I found online called Fred Hatt. Below is a sketch I did, copying one of his sketches. He uses amazing energetic lines and colours to bring the model to life. I don't feel like I captured the same amount of energy in my drawing of my little girl, as he does ... but it's certainly an improvement! 

My second drawing she was with pencil, of a lady standing - from an photo. I used simple shading and smudging. The proportion is good but there is also a problem with her extended hand which i can get to look anything like a hand. Overall It lacks any energy or interest.


My final drawing was using markers (aquamarker from letraset) which can be used with water. I sketched the outline (again from a photo) and used water to dilute the line and add a background. I then bravely (as i was scared it would ruin it) added shading with a thinner marker. As my first attempt of using such a bold medium I was quite pleased with the outcome. The proportions look correct and the face actually looks like a face (at last) although I still need to work on hands and feet!

When drawing all of these images i tried to break each part of the body down by drawing each segment lightly, which really helped me with proportion and shading.

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