Project 22. Exercise 56. form and movement in a clothed form

This is a sketch of my mum sitting on the sofa with her feet up on a stool.

I tried to add detail in face because it looked odd with a blank face. My mum was wearing a big fleece with a zip down the middle, shorts and slippers. The way she was sitting meant the fleece naturally crumpled and bunched up around her stomach and chest area, along with the sleeves and a few creases on the shorts. My mum is very full figured and I felt the amount of folds and creases in the fabric gave the sense of this. As well as adding creases on the fleece, I also found adding the zip helped identify which direction the creases were going in.

I found it much easier to make the fabric look like it had creases and folds when it was on a person, rather than trying to draw the fabric on its own.

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