Review of work from Drawing 1

Review of work so far. I have been looking through the work I have done over the period of this course and have mixed feelings.

I decided to taking the drawing module, as I had hoped improving my drawing skills would help improve my textiles work. However it has made me realise I work in a quiet different way to how this module is structured and maybe this module is more suited to traditional drawing (the fine art / painting route).

The way the course was structured (draw a apple, now draw it from a different angle, now draw again using different media) stifled any motivation I had to draw. Whilst I think I have learnt a lot from the course, I feel the way I like to draw is much more playful and experimental, and not how I felt I was expected to draw within the module.

I also get bored very easily, so having to draw a subject many times, from different angels, different perspectives etc was painful, and I often just wanted to get exercises out of the way, so I could draw something different.

My favourite subject was people (which surprised me, as I thought I would like it the least), I guess because they are much more fluid, and I felt I could be more creative, and they they needed to be less accurate. However the lack of a model (no life classes near by, and only a reluctant child and mother to draw) meant I didn't explore this area as much as I would of liked.

So my overall feeling is I am glad I took this module, as I did learn lots and have several drawings I am proud of (I think the one below is my favourite, because it captures my Mum so well!), but am very happy it is nearly over, so I can take a break and play in my sketchbook again!

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