Dionne Swift sketchbook workshops

I have just finished 2 online workshops with Dionne Swift;

Developing sketchbooks

This workshop used various methods, such as creating backgrounds, adding pattern and cutting through pages to produce an interesting sketchbook. It was fun going through various stages (without knowing what's next) to produce results and patterns that you wouldn't consider doing at first, so I gained a pretty looking sketchbook.

Whilst I'm not really into the abstractness (I know that isn't a word!) of the sketchbook - I much prefer sketchbooks to have some meaning, rather than random shapes. I will definitely use what I have learned in order to make my future sketchbooks more interesting.

Drawing For Textiles Online

This workshop, started with some drawing techniques, such as drawing large, using continuous lines and shadow drawing, then translated these "sketches" into felted textiles.

I didn't enjoy this one as much, as we given a list of equipment needed a week before the class started, and equipment included an overhead projector and a embellishing / felting machine (we could use substitutes, like a lightbox but I couldn't get it to work like a OHP, and felting by hand took way too much time) and I think it's unrealistic to expect people to have or be able to get equipment like that for a short workshop.

But again, there are certain techniques that I will use, and it has given me new ideas to use with felting... I maybe just get myself an embellishing machine one day!

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