Drawing 1 - Assignment 5 - Tutor feedback

Overall Comments

Well done on completing the course.

You have worked through the exercises and assignments and although at times you have found difficulties you have tried to overcome them.

You have honestly engaged with drawing and having begun to investigate other artists and the processes and means through which they make their work. You can afford to do more research here as it will help inform your practice for the future.

You can afford to take more risks in terms of size and outcome but this is developing and I feel that you are poised and ready but that you are holding back to some extent. Where you work with the immediacy and energy of the mark is where your enjoyment shows, and this is an area that you could further develop for the future, which would also feed your textile study and practice.

For assessment you will need to some more work on this assignment, but I believe this is manageable and that you would benefit from it in the future. My suggestions are within the feedback.

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

The Shell project
  You have gone about this project in an investigative way and have extended the materials and mediums that you are working with, which is all to the good. You have focused on one particular subject and have aimed to wring as many possibilities out of it as possible.   The results range from delicate drawings to more gestural interpretations.

  The collage comes closest to where I believe you are comfortable; the outcome could act as a starting point for more drawing if you can recognize the value within the surface that you created.  The image on the blogsite didn’t expand but it appears that there are some interesting areas that you have formed within the piece, such as the area where the pink of the aperture bleeds into the striped surface: this ‘honing in’ on a small area and then increasing up in size would be a good exercise for you to do, as you indicated in your blog that a more abstract approach would be something that you are interested it. I would advise that you to investigate this way forward.

  This is partly to do with recognizing when our hunches may be right, you have become very familiar with the object in front of you - and have gained a real visual understanding of its form and structure, the textures and colours, and at the last minute you haven’t pushed quite as far as you feel you could and reflecting on this collage will give you a way forward.

  At present the works overall are variable, the pastel final outcome leaning again towards more abstract possibilities, this work would also give you insights into making a further work that abstracted the form more fully.

  The pastel work has some good marks within it and you have managed to gain some depth and roundness to the overall. I like the idea that the shell is ‘floating’ in the space and this feeling of it being un-tethered also lends itself towards abstraction.

The pink aperture is particularly intriguing as it gestures towards other more corporeal ‘openings’ such as the mouth- the pink is particularly striking and akin to lipstick.   There is much research in visual culture that informs  this type of image from feminist artists such as Sarah Lucas to Georgia O’Keefe and feminist texts that you can access, if you are interested.  

This aperture is where the work is interesting and through the depth of the drawing you have achieved another area that you could investigate.

  The overall feeling that I am gaining from the work at this stage is that you have lost a bit of enthusiasm and perhaps listening to yourself and acting upon your instinct – believing in what you have visually ‘found out’ would help you. The work is weak and you need to push harder to achieve a better outcome. Think about and look at your earlier experiments with the shell.

  So my advice is to look back at your early experiments with the shell, then think about making some abstracts from the visual research that you have already achieved. One or two pieces would help you to finalise this project.


Sketchbooks Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

You have used your sketchbooks to explore your subject matter, experimentation, was particularly successful in the early mark making. For the future this aspect of your work could be further amplified and this would help you to explore your themes and subjects. Make sure that the sketchbook is accessible for the assessment- by this I mean that you should compile the loose work so as to show your preparatory studies and experiments to the full.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context

This has been steadily improving and I am confident that your research will continue to do so over time, keep objective, critical and analytical as you look at the work of others and deeply reflective as you think about what you are making and doing.  More research into contemporary makers would be of benefit- artists that have some relevance to your work and what you would like to achieve with it, this should include works across disciplines that you feel relates to your ideas and themes.  You should pay attention to this area for the assessment to make sure that it is as fulsome as it deserves to be.

Suggested reading/viewing Context
Continue to read the books on the reading list and seek other books that you feel may be appropriate. Visit as many galleries as you can and really investigate the methods, materials and ideas in contemporary drawing practice, even though you are on the textile pathway, drawing is central to artistic process for many artists.

Pointers for assessment

Take into account my comments- at the moment the overall is a little weak, and I have some concerns as to the outcome at the assessment - but I feel that should you progress with what you have intuited that there may be some more interesting outcomes.

Read the assessment criteria carefully and look back through your tutor reports to reflect on the comments. Also look at the OCA site for guidance.

Congratulations on completing the course!

Tutor name:
Michele Whiting
6th October 2014
Next assignment due

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