Selecting designs for a specified outcome

Conceptual piece

I really liked the felted design and wanted to see if i could develop that into a more conceptual piece. I looked back through the sketchbook to see the items i originally associated with Morocco and loved the simple patterns in the Moroccan lanterns.

I decided to rework the felted tannery circles into the flower design found in the lanterns. I cut flower shapes from the felt then added felt tops on the back, so when held up to light the flower shapes glowed.

The image below is using a lightbox, so the light behind was a bit strong. This piece could eith erpiece made into a hanging (if made bigger) - hanging in front of a window would give a stained glass effect, or developed into lantern by felting it in a circular tube, and put over a safe light such as a torch.


I started thinking about the product piece by researching current trends. As many trend forecasting companies charge a lot of money to view their trend reports, I decided the best place to view current trends was on Pinterest. I viewed several pinners such as Trendbible, Pantone Color.

Here are the colours for Autumn, as echoed with clothes on the high street on

Using the colours in the trend... I recreated my shoe print in this seasons colours, as a fabric print. I think the image looks much better with the crisp lines you get using a screenprint, but as I didn't want to waste screens doing a screen print just for a sample, I created the design on illustrator.

I made 2 different colours schemes (I wanted to make more, but as I'm learning on Illustrator at the below took a whole day!) to illustrate the different effects the same design can have.

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