Textiles 1 (Exploring ideas) - Assignment 1 - Tutor feedback

Overall Comments
Sarah this is a well-organised assignment that used both drawing and research to develop design ideas.  Your samples have been made with skill yet there is also evidence that you have taken risks.  The online learning log is easy to navigate and well organised.  You have included a good number of images of your own work along with a reflective discussion.

Assessment potential (after Assignment 1)

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity
The course material has led you to make a range of textile samples where you have explored ways of developing design ideas and expanded your skills.  There is evidence that you have used your research of Moroccan design through drawing and sketching to create surface patterns.  There is a bold and effective use of colour with exploration into placement and repeat designs.  You have introduced texture through the use of felting.  I feel your strongest designs are those that you call ‘shoe rubber’ print.  Here you have taken one of your drawings and developed it into a repeat pattern.  The way you added the bright colours into the negative spaces on the screen print has produced a vibrant and pleasing design.  You have then taken this design into ‘Illustrator’ to manipulate the motif’s colour palette.  This you did with reference to current colour trends in fashion.  Well done Sarah, I believe this is a very accomplished way of approaching your creative studies.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity
The sketchbook you have sent is full of colour with references to your research material that you have then translated into your designs.  There is a range of media including paint and college.  My suggestion here is to use more of the drawing skills you acquired during Drawing 1.  I see from your blog that you are skilled in observational drawing in different mediums.  It would be interesting to see how some of these kinds of drawings work in repeats and what happens when layering them up with mark marking techniques.   Try developing your sketchbook style by cutting designs through pages to reveal the page behind, stitch into the paper to add texture and add pages that are translucent like tracing paper to achieve new views and dimensions.

I've just taken a few online sketchbook classes with Dionne Swift (see post here), so defiantly plan to be more experimental in my sketchbooks in the future. I also feel I've gotten "over" the Drawing 1 (pressure to draw) nightmare, so might be ready to actually use what I have learnt now! :-)

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Your blog is well developed and contains all the necessary elements.  You show yourself to be a reflective student who is willing to learn from mistakes and comfortable in taking risks.  I suggest you need to research more widely.  You got a lot from the imagery and experiences you had in Morocco but this could have been developed by exploring the current art scene there or how European and American designers have been influenced by Morocco’s creative output.  This will give your own creative work more depth and root it in current trends. I also suggest you reference and discuss the imagery you have in your ‘inspirational photos’ and the work of the ‘Interesting textile artists.’  This research is only academically useful if you write about what it means to you and how it may affect your own creative output.

In future, I plan to add new Inspirational photos in posts and say a bit about them, as I think I had done with the interesting textile artist in the past.

Suggested reading/viewing

I actually have one of these books, which is in my pile of things to read! and am off to Amazon now ...

Pointers for the next assignment
  • Maintain your good working practices
  • Draw and sketch more
  • Collate a wider range of research.

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