Screen printing

For my final screen print, I wanted to do a more abstract print, but something that looked like it was mean to go together - rather than just a mess of patterns. I took inspiration from these rubbings from drain covers (which I love, as they are often something overlooked, but as soon as you start noticing them, you realise how many different patterns there are!). I drew the patterns in Illustrator, then cut them (on a cutting machine) into stencils.

I know wanted a focal point, so (hand) cut another stencil based on a fox door knocker... I liked the idea of this shifty / quirky looking urban fox, mixing with the regular patterns of the drains.

I choose a colour scheme from a photo I took of peeling paint next to one of the drains I have rubbed - it had a lovely mixture of greys, turquoise and emerald green.

I then played around with a few layers of prints and completely messed it up. The background was too dark and the fox disappeared. So I went back to the drawing board and decided to have 1 all over print, then print the fox, mask him off, then scatter the over patterns over around him. I feel this worked much better - the bit at the bottom where the diamonds go around the foxes feet really make him pop out. The diamond layer was done with the 3D medium, then overprinted in some areas with the green Y's ... when dry I puffed the diamonds, which gave a really interesting texture (especially where the green had overlapped).

If I were to do this again, I think I would be more precise with masking off the diamond shapes, so they appeared exactly where I wanted them. I used the whole screen and just tried to print certain areas using a credit card as a squeegee, but that wasn't precise enough and left certain areas looking too blocky.

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