Steal like an artist - book review

I've just read Steal Like An Artist (as recommended by my tutor)

It's about how everything we create is influenced from something else (I personally don't like the title, as I've been ripped off by people copying my work before, so "stealing" is something that doesn't sit well!) However the book does explain the difference between being influenced by peoples work as a pose to outright copying.

Favourite points / quotes from the book

  • every new idea is just a mashup of previous ideas
  • surround yourself in things you love / inspired you - these "ideas" will generate new ideas
  • study an artist you love, then when you're done, study 3 artists they love, keep going
  • copying others work is like taking a car part - you'll see how it works
  • don't just study the style of other artists, studying the thinking behind the style 
  • think about your favourite work, what was missing, what could be better?
  • Imagine if all your favourite artists got together - what would they produce?

Strangely, reading this has just made it obvious why we need to research other artists. Of course I knew we should be doing so, and I've no idea why something so simple has taken so long to click! Maybe the work "research" just scared me?

I love the idea of a more hands on approach to looking at other artists - making samples copying work from artists I like, then looking at the work I've created and thinking how I would change it. Or taking 2 artists and mashing their work together.

This book has actually get excited at the thought of research!!!

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