About me

Name: Sarah Bayly
Student number: 503081
Age: 37
Study: BA Textiles Degree
Location: North Devon, England

Profile - 2011

I have always had an interest in textiles since  I can remember, coming from a background where both my mum and nan were always sewing and making things.

My favourite subjects at school were art, design and textiles and wanted to go on study a textiles degree at university. However, I was encouraged to study a Hospitality degree instead, as my art teacher said "you can't go to art school because your drawing is so bad" and my dad told me to get a "proper" degree, as I'll never make any money or a career within art!

I followed everyone's advice until I became a  single mum (to Ostara aged 4) a few years back. Forced to give up my (extremely boring) job in IT and project management, I had to re-assess my life. From there I started making textiles again, which lead to me now selling handmade textiles online as 2 Green Monkeys and via Not On The High Street.

It was also at that point when I decided to finally start my textiles degree. This was mainly because I had wanted to for so long, but also because I wanted to learn everything I could about textiles, which I hope in turn will improve my ideas and creativity for the things I sell.

I am dyslexic, so studying via distance learning is something that has proved a big challenge. Looking back (especially to university) I previously coped by concentrating on things I did well (organisation, technology, bouncing things off other people), and avoiding the things I'm bad at (reading and writing). But I have recently received lots of great software, which will hopefully make the whole process a little easier! But please be aware of this when reading my blog, as I'm sure there'll be loads of mistakes!

2012 update

I have just finished textiles 1: a creative approach and am about to start drawing 1. It was a hard decision choosing my second course as both the drawing and printing modules interested me. In the end I felt I had more to learn from improving my drawing skills and it would benefit my overall textiles work more than the printing module. 

Since starting the degree I have kept a regular sketchbook and my drawing has really improved, and whilst I don't think I will be ever be fantastic at drawing, my aim is to improve my drawing skills enough to be able to create good sketchbooks that enhance my textiles work.

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